(We have this event irregularly once or twice a month)

There is a circle people of all countries to join together and talk to each other.We talk about chosen topics over tea.
We sometimes use a dice game to choose the topic.
You can practice Japanese, and sometimes you can speak your native language.Please feel free to join the circle.
Everybody is welcome.

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PLACE:Hakusan International Salon
ORGANIZER:Hakusan International Salon

*** For information and application***
Hakusan International Salon


OPENFTUE.-SUN 9:00a.m.`18:00p.m.
CLOSEDFMON(When MON is a Public Holiday,the salon opens and will be closed the following day.)

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Police Help Line
Please call Police whenever you are a victim of crime or you need plice assistance.





International Calls
from Public Telephones


The institution of a salon

Personal computer
There is a personal computer in the salon. There is no charge.
However, the user's time is limited to one hour.
You can see today's news from your country via the Internet.
You can send e-mail to a friend.
You can learn about computers from a volunteer.

Sofa, Study room, Clerk
You can talk with somebody on the sofa, watch a video on Japanese-style cooking and language
or you can study. Three clerks are in the salon.
If you have something to talk about or you have trouble with anything,
we will give you advice. Drop in to the salon any time you are around .

Resident for gFureai Koryuinh (A volunteer group in Salon) The help Network
Please write your hobby or anything that you can do to possibly help out.
This group is aiming to become a Network of various people cooperating with each other.
We are looking for foreign people to talk at the salon about such things as the culture and food of their country.
It is not necessary to speak Japanese. Itfs not easy to find foreigners in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Wefd appreciate your cooperation.
If you are not good at talking, please write other things that you can or might want to do. For example,
we are looking for people who can interpret or who can write a foreign language on the PC.

The Bulletin Board ( Nandemo Message)
Are you looking for something? Do you want to do something?
Do you have a problem with anything? If you write a message on the board,
you may find an answer. Also you may be able to help someone. For example,
gI want to learn Japanese.h gI need help with shopping.h@gI want a Japanese friend.h
Anything is possible.

Legal consultation for foreign nationals
Third Thursday of the month, 13:00`16:00
Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange
There is no fee, but you need a reservation. There are interpreters of English, Chinese,
Portuguese, Korean and Russian.
.For further information, please look at the poster at the salon or ask one of the staff.

There are several events. All events are free of charge.

English CircleuJanglish Clubv
This is a conversation circle for enjoying English conversation.
If you are interested in this circle, you are always welcome.
We are always interested in guest speakers.

The PC practice
You can learn how to use a personal computer from a volunteer.
You can begin with useful applications like internet or e-mail. At present,
we have only a few volunteers. If you want to learn PC, please let us know.

Talking Club (Oshaberi Club)
This is a circle for people of all countries to join together and talk to each other.
We talk about chosen topics over tea. We sometimes use a dice game to choose the topic.
You can practice Japanese, and sometimes you can speak your native language.
Please feel free to join the circle. Everybody is welcome.

The knowledge (kenbun)
(Please introduce your own country. Brazilian, Australian and Chinese presentations have been held.)
Could you introduce your country? About the food, the culture or a story which you want to tell.
Of course, we can help you prepare.
We would like to travel around the world through these events.
When it isnft possible to speak Japanese, your native language is O.K.

Japanese class
You can learn Japanese from a volunteer. There are two kinds of classes.
So you may find a suitable class for you. Every class is free of charge.

The salon is closed every Monday. When Mon. is a public holiday,
the salon opens and will be closed the following day.
The salon is open from AM9:00 to PM6:00.

Underground parking is available under the salon.
There are also public parking spaces behind the library.

There is a barrier free restroom, and Western-style toilets on the 1st floor.

Please use the public payphone on the first floor of the concert hall in the same building.

Please call the salon when you can not come by the scheduled time.

Please fill in the registration form when you come to the salon for the first time.

It is only used to provide urgent contact information and it isnft used for any other purpose.

This registration is necessary if you would like to take Japanese lessons.

For inquiries
Hakusan International Salon TEL/FAX076-274-3371@
Cellular HP: